So here’s the thing… I have watched SO many documentaries about going vegan and they all cover the following aspects to some degree: animal cruelty, health benefits, environmental benefits, dissenting opinions from other educators/doctors etc. Great. They have all been great. And they were a tremendous help while I was making the decision to choose a plant-based vegan diet. But now what?

I am already convinced! Consider me converted! But again, now what? It feels like there is a huge push to get people on the train and once they are on the conductor goes “okay, cool… thanks for joining us, hope you enjoy your self-directed ride!!” and hops off the train!

As you already know, Andrew gifted me three incredible cookbooks to get me started: Love & Lemons Everyday, Oh She Glows for Dinner and Thug Kitchen 101 and he also found a few cool YouTube videos that we watched. But now what? Where is the documentary for showing you how to continue once you’re started? Where is the intermediate level information? Where is the community? I am in Toronto, Canada btw.

I guess the next step is to seek out other vegans on Instagram and Twitter and to load myself up with vegan blogs and websites. Is there an online vegan magazine that is awesome? I guess I just need to put the work in to make sure I don’t lose the momentum. I feel like I am really getting the food bit down, but I know there is so much more. What about my clothes and shoes and blankets and furniture? What about the activism? I would love to hear from anyone about their next steps on this vegan journey… and I ask again… Am I vegan yet? 🙂

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