Smoothie Fail!

So the thing is, everyone talks about how great you’ll feel when you go vegan. I do not feel great. I feel tired, exhausted, fatigued! I have no idea if it has anything to do with switching to a vegan diet, but I am definitely not feeling that rush of energy everyone talks about!

And yes, I take my vitamins and I am taking my diabetes meds properly everyday, so I don’t think it’s a supplementation issue either.

When I really think about it, I haven’t felt well in months, and that part of why I decided to finally make the switch to vegan. But I have also let my exercise regimens lapse entirely these past few months. I used to do 30 mins of yoga/stretching every single morning and Andrew and I used to go for daily walks and since I started feeling so awful, I have stopped basically all exercise. Andrew thinks that might be part of the issue and why my energy levels are decreasing instead of increasing on this diet. So he made me a deal last night… if I get up and stretch first thing in the morning, he would help me craft my first ever vegan smoothie!! I really hate eating/making breakfast, so this sounded like an excellent deal to me!

So I got up, handled all my regular cat-related duties, and rolled out my extra comfy yoga mat! I did a great video on YouTube called Yoga for Bigger Bodies, which I highly recommend to anyone who is just starting or is interested in doing yoga poses without all the strain on the wrists! I completed the video, and was actually feeling pretty good!

So Andrew helped me measure out the chocolate vegan protein powder, the cashew milk, the frozen fruit and the chia seeds. It smelled delicious! We whizzed it up in our trusty blender thingy that Andrew uses daily….and voila, smoothie magic? A tasty healthy breakfast to start my day? No! It is so disgusting! lol Honestly, it is so hard to choke this thing down. It is chalky and powdery and the frozen fruit has formed clumps that make it hard to drink. In fact, it is so hard to drink that I am procrastinating drinking it by writing this blog post!! How bad is it when I am using writing as a procrastination technique?? lol And it isn’t Andrew’s fault, his normal protein powder formula works perfectly with those amounts… but I guess the vegan powder is very different!

Alas, I will not give up. I will choke this abomination down for breakfast and I will do it all over again tomorrow. Except tomorrow I will use half the powder and double the liquid!! Wish me luck!!

Am I vegan yet? lol

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