The truth about butter

The truth is, I used to put butter on EVERYTHING… and I always have. Even in non-stick pans, I would put a pat of butter. Roll with dinner? Pat of butter. Sautéed veggies in oil? Add a pat of butter once they hit the plate. When I look back on it, I can’t even imagine how much butter I consumed per day but I bet it was hundreds of extra calories and animal clogging fat!!

So it has been about a week since I stopped using butter all together. And at first it felt impossible! I have been relying on using olive oil in its place, and I also purchased some vegan butter… but I am also trying to get away from oils as well so it has been a bit of a tough go.

Well this morning for breakfast, instead of a smoothie (more on that later) I decided I wanted an english muffin. But what was my normal go-to for english muffins? You guessed it… butter! Well I would not give in and ruin my streak today, so I used peanut butter and sliced banana and that’s it… and guess what???? IT WAS AMAZING!!! Way better than with all the extra butter. it’s funny how when you make a change you have been scared of for so long and then find out it was the better choice all along! lol Something for me to remember for future vegan choices, for sure.

I also joined a FB group called 10 weeks to vegan, which helps folks who have already made the choice to become vegan but now need that extra push to really get going. I only joined yesterday, so not much to say yet but I will keep you updated on how it goes.

And now, back to our war on smoothies. My love, Andrew, did his best yesterday to adjust the smoothie recipe to make it more palatable and drinkable, and he was successful!! YAY!! The thing is, the only way to make this particular protein powder drinkable is to only use half a scoop… which means half the protein… so not exactly loving that. But a half scoop with frozen fruit, chia seeds and cashew milk was quite yummy this time around so I will get through this container of protein powder and then I will do some research on the best vegan protein powders before buying next time! Happy to take recommendations 🙂

Am I vegan yet?? lol

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