Epic Vegan Fail

So I screwed up yesterday, big time. The local outdoor pool finally opened and Andrew and I had reservations for 2pm! Yes, with the pandemic still somewhat kicking around, there is limited capacity at the pools, and you need reservations…

Anyways, we both got up and did a good stretch to make sure we were up to the first swimming task in over a year! Plus, my left knee has been acting up something fierce these past few months so I was a little nervous about getting in and out of the pool, honestly.

I had a great breakfast (see my last post), did 30 minutes of yoga and was feeling great! The pool is about a 15 min walk from our place (20 mins with my bad knee) and it was a good 30 degrees Celsius out, so by the time we got to the pool we were suuuuper hot! Being so hot also made the pool feel even colder than usual and was a real shock to the gut when I made my way in via the newly installed stairs (thank god because even taking the stairs was hard on the knee). We had 40 minutes of swim time, but I only lasted about 30. It was absolutely glorious and I felt like a kid again. Being high risk for Covid complications meant that Andrew and I had to be very very careful about what we did through the pandemic. In the early days, we basically didn’t leave our home. We ordered groceries in, wore our masks everywhere and even stopped taking public transit. If we couldn’t walk there, we didn’t go. We haven’t seen family in nearly 2 years! I am now fully vaxxed and Andrew has had one shot, so we felt pretty safe going swimming and I am so glad we did! Not only was it great exercise and a great way to cool off, but it was just pure fun! It was a bit weird to see people’s whole faces again though! lol

Anyways, after about 30 minutes I was done. I wanted to take my time getting out of the pool because of my knee and wanted to give myself some time to dry off (the change rooms aren’t open so I would be walking home in a wet bathing suit). Ever the athletic, Andrew swam for the entire 40 minutes! By the time he got out and dried off and we were heading home, we were both starving! I recalled that there was a food truck festival happening at the church parking lot near our place and suggested we stop there on the way home. I figured after all that walking and swimming, we deserved a treat!

Well when we got there, there was only 3 trucks. None of them were serving any vegan or even vegetarian options. So in a moment of stupidity, I decided I was going to get a fried chicken sandwich and split a poutine with Andrew. I had eaten food from that truck before and knew it was good quality, and I was absolutely starving. I made a sort of deal with myself that this would be my “last time” eating from this truck. I think the sun and chlorine must have gone to my brain!

Well I did eat it, but I didn’t like it… that’s for sure. It felt so greasy and gross. My tummy felt like it had a literal brick sitting inside of it and I kept having the feeling of needing to burp but couldn’t. I felt so awful that I laid down in bed to try to take a nap. I tossed and turned and with my tummy feeling worse and worse… finally that turned into numerous trips to the bathroom over the next few hours. My tummy hurt so bad that I didn’t even end up eating dinner!

So the bad news was that that was an awful experience. The good news is that my body has already adjusted to eating a vegan diet and does not want me to go back to eating animal products, obviously! Andrew thinks I needed to go through that to finally give me the resolve to move forward with a vegan diet 100% and I agree. While switching to vegan eating has not been the easy-breezy task that a lot of people make it out to be, it aligns with my values and makes for better health so I will definitely keep trying! Sorry, Mary Brown’s… but you have lost this customer for good!

So no, I am not vegan yet… but I will get there 🙂

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