Steak brought me to my knees…

I honestly cannot believe it happened so fast. It has only been a few weeks since I have stopped eating meat and I hadn’t really even thought about eating any since I had gone vegan. In fact, it felt like the easiest thing to cut out right from the start!

My partner, Andrew, still eats meat… just much less than he used to since I started this journey and I am the primary cook in the home so I am still making meat dishes for him. I have cooked chicken and bacon without any desire at all (which is odd, because when I did eat meat, I ate chicken and bacon most often).

Well the other night I made a dish for dinner with basmati rice, zucchini, garlic and bean sprouts in a teriyaki sauce that was to die for!! I knew it wouldn’t be quite hardy enough for Andrew so I cooked up a quick steak for him to slice and top his dish off with. And for the first time in a real long time, I was actually craving meat! And not really when I was cooking it, because cooking meat has actually always grossed me out, but after the meat was rested and I was slicing it to top his dish, I almost instinctively went to taste a piece! I was so shocked that I almost did that, I could hardly believe it. Even worse, as I went on slicing it… I actually WANTED to try it. I didn’t, but I really wanted to.

I had to remind myself of the mental image of the animals locked away in small barn spaces, receiving treatments without antibiotics to pull me out of this frenzied meat-haze I was in. I am still honestly shocked at how close I came and it is a good reminder to myself to stay vigilant and not to give in.

It also made me think that since I am so new to this vegan diet, and just learning how to make nutritiously balanced meals that maybe I am missing out on something that the steak offers and my body was keying in on that smell and trying to get that nutrient. I’m really not sure, as this has not happened to me previously and like I said, I am still learning how to craft a delicious but properly balanced meal.

Has this happened to you?? Do you have any advice or insights?? In no way am I weakened in my resolve to stay on the vegan path, but if this is a common occurrence among new vegans, it would be great to get some advice!

Am I vegan yet?!?

3 thoughts on “Steak brought me to my knees…

  1. I remember when I first went vegan my wife and I were doing a 30 day challenge and every so often at work I would sneak a thing or two. I didn’t figure that was a big deal (I was doing it mostly for health reasons). But after a while I realized that my integrity wasn’t worth a piece of deep fried food. It was easier to be 100% consistent then not.

    Also on the “nutrition sense” idea, I personally don’t think this is the case. Animal products are high in fat/calories which our body craves. In a more natural environment we would only get fat a little bit here and there, and it helps us pack on the pounds during the winter when we would normally be starving. Our body doesn’t have to do much processing to turn fat into fat… because that’s what it already is (contrary to popular belief).

    I crave chips and chocolate, but these aren’t healthy for me either 😅.

    Good job sticking with it! I know it’s hard when other people don’t support you, hopefully he’ll come around eventually.


    1. Actually, Andrew is incredibly supportive. As I have mentioned in previous posts, he finds us all kinds of videos on YouTube to watch to learn more about veganism, healthy eating, and gardening! He makes sure we get to the farmer’s market to buy the best and freshest straight from the farm produce. He is actually the one that bought me my first 3 vegan cookbooks to get me started and even though he himself is not vegan, he has chosen to cut back on a lot of his animal product intake to support me and our health! As for the cooking, it is my choice to continue cooking occasional meat for his meals. I know if I told him that I didn’t want to do it anymore, he would have no problem with that whatsoever. I really couldn’t ask for a better partner on this journey and I’m sorry if I gave any impression other than that 🙂

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      1. Ah! Good to know. That’s ok, I haven’t had a chance to go through the other blog posts yet, so no worries!


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