All Things Vegan

So I am really getting the eating part down, and even though I have still been surprised here and there to find a non-vegan ingredient (namely butter) in some foodstuffs, I feel like I have a pretty good handle on that realm. So what’s next? What other areas of my world do I need to … Continue reading All Things Vegan

It’s a McMiracle!!

I am soooo happy this morning because I feel like I have found the holy grail of breakfast options! But before I tell you what I made, let me tell you why I felt the need to make it. I have always been a sucker for a breakfast sandwich from a fast food chain, whether … Continue reading It’s a McMiracle!!

Epic Vegan Fail

So I screwed up yesterday, big time. The local outdoor pool finally opened and Andrew and I had reservations for 2pm! Yes, with the pandemic still somewhat kicking around, there is limited capacity at the pools, and you need reservations… Anyways, we both got up and did a good stretch to make sure we were … Continue reading Epic Vegan Fail

Smoothie Fail!

So the thing is, everyone talks about how great you’ll feel when you go vegan. I do not feel great. I feel tired, exhausted, fatigued! I have no idea if it has anything to do with switching to a vegan diet, but I am definitely not feeling that rush of energy everyone talks about! And … Continue reading Smoothie Fail!

Same, Same, Same

So this is going to be a bit controversial, I know… but like, a lot of the vegan recipes I am reading boil down to one of two things: Beans on toast, and mushy soups/stews. And sure, I am definitely generalizing there… but like in my quest to not be a junk food vegan I … Continue reading Same, Same, Same


So here’s the thing… I have watched SO many documentaries about going vegan and they all cover the following aspects to some degree: animal cruelty, health benefits, environmental benefits, dissenting opinions from other educators/doctors etc. Great. They have all been great. And they were a tremendous help while I was making the decision to choose … Continue reading Recommendations?


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