The changes are starting!

It has been about 6 weeks since I started trying on the idea of living a vegan lifestyle. I started by cutting out the major animal product offenders in my diet: Meat and Milk. Then over the next 6 weeks I have cut out everything else… the cheeses, the butters and started learning and looking for sneaky animal products in things we buy to cut those out as well. It has been easy in some instances and a real struggle in others. I have found that some vegan replacements are excellent, some are just junk food, and others are pretty gross and I just may need to give up hope on some things. But I have also learned that I love some foods that I thought I hated! For example, I have never been a huge fan of avocados… but everyone kept telling me to do the avocado toast. I finally nailed a combo I love: one avocado smashed in a bowl with a crack of salt and about a tablespoon of lime juice, all spread across toasted pumpernickel bread! Delicious!

I have also come across some issues with vegan cooking… a lot of it relies on mushrooms for texture…but mushrooms have never sat well with me so that is a big loss. I am also really missing gravy. I used to love digging into a serving of fries with gravy or even the occasional poutine, and I have not yet found a good replacement for gravy!

And I have been very lucky to have Andrew’s support through all of this. I read somewhere that up to 84% of people who fail at sticking with a vegan lifestyle permanently, fail because their partners didn’t support them. How sad is that? Andrew bought me my first vegan cookbooks, finds all kinds of vegan-related YouTube for us to consume and happily tries out any vegan dish I make. He himself has never been so big on meat, but he does eat chicken and fish so we continue to make up those for him on the side. Just last night, for example, we made up homemade flax-crust pizzas. Mine with sauce and Violife brand Mozza shreds, and he did a half/half where he did real mozza on one side of his pizza and Violife shreds on the other. Wouldn’t you know he ended up liking the vegan cheese better!!!! I will never take his support for granted, and I hope that any of you out there with partners who support you in such a massive lifestyle overhaul do the same!

The crux of all of this though, is that it doesn’t really matter if I have to change the way I eat and if I end up missing out on some classics that I loved. It doesn’t matter. Eating this way saves animals, the planet and my health. That is what really matters. My father, who indulged in every animal product imaginable through his life died from a massive heart attack at 49 years old. I just turned 40 on Wednesday, and I plan to live at least another 40 so I know this is my only option! My skin is starting to look better, my bowel movements are improving and I have not had a high blood reading in 10 days! The changes are already starting and I am really just at the beginning!! And like anything new when you start, it’s not always easy… but it will most certainly be worth the trouble in the end.

Am I vegan yet?? Getting there!