Same, Same, Same

So this is going to be a bit controversial, I know… but like, a lot of the vegan recipes I am reading boil down to one of two things: Beans on toast, and mushy soups/stews. And sure, I am definitely generalizing there… but like in my quest to not be a junk food vegan I am trying really hard to find satisfying meals that are full of texture and I don’t feel like I am hitting the mark. For example, that awesome recipe I mentioned the other day from OSG, the Potato and Cauliflower Curry? First of all, no curry in there, so are we really calling that a curry? Also, total mush. Does it taste amazeballs? Yes! But, total mush. Luckily my genius partner, Andrew came up with a solution to last night’s leftovers. He tossed a pita in a non-stick frying pan and toasted it up to crunchy glory and I literally melted into my dinner! It was the perfect addition to an already delicious meal!!

So my question for fellow vegans out there, whether you be new or veterans on the scene… what do you do to make sure it doesn’t feel like repeating meals? Like I get that you can switch out orzo for farro, or beans for chickpeas, or rice for whatever.. but in the end, the textures feel so similar. I don’t know, I guess I am just complaining at this point!

I am going to make a tofu-based pad thai with rice noodles and bok choy tonight for dinner. I am hoping leaving the bok choy a little less cooked will add some crunchy texture to an otherwise pretty mushy dish. I am all ears for any tips and suggestions!! I just realised I will have to read the ingredients on the pad thai sauce bottle to make sure it’s vegan… man, it just never ends!

Am I vegan yet??